Furama Silom Hotel

We were awarded to renovate the Hotel that set to be a 4-star flagship hotpart for Furama Group Singapore, “Furama Silom” in the heart of Bangkok. The starting point of the entire project was to create the “Thai Wow” as per Mr. Kevin Partner of Furama Silom’s requirement. Hence the symphony of details were created.

Subtle yet striking vidual notes. Looking carefully to our local culture we were able to create an atmosphere determined by visual references as well as the wall reminds a thai temple basement over dimensioned, the pattern of the floor comes from thai houses. From the very first look the accurate selection of material is the dominant aspect of the project. The experience starts from the transparent partition in the entrance, passing through the colored glass mosaic of the reception desk that is a reference to the famous Ramakien, that is the Thailand’s national epic. This harmony of design all comes together to create a hotel that is at once modern and timeless and always exquisitely Thai.