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Interior Design Project: ASC Interior
Project Leader: 
Anita Srisakulchawla
Research & Innovation Team:
 Laura Perin
Design Team: 
Kannikar Jaiyen, Pabtawan Minakool, Porntep Salakruthi
Interior Design Development, Procurement Service, Art and Prop sourcing

Smart engineering, playful design and witty mindset gave birth to the interior design of Shama Hub; the new brand from Onyx Hospitality Group. Located in a most paramount location; Pratunam; Shama Hub showcases Bangkok’s vibrant culture and fashion creative influences through its avant-gardist color palette and different references to thai craftsmanship.

Modularity is here pushed to its maximum level with the clever use of the available space. It provides everything a guest might conceivably need, but in flexible or foldaway form, without cropping the valuable space. A foldaway wall houses two additional beds allowing a total of four users, while the wardrobe can be also moved to give space to a real dining area. An important work was done among the selection of the patterns that epitomizes Pratunam’s crowd and the richness of Thai art.